Rimrock Chiropractic, LLC
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Rimrock Chiropractic is your full-service clinic offering wellness chiropractic care for the whole family offering additional services ranging from Functional Medicine consultations and lab testing, to medical weight loss and massage therapy. We are your premier Grand Junction Chiropractor.  We specialize in infants with colic and acid reflux, children with ear aches, even the aging population with arthritis and osteoporosis.


Our Functional Medicine services are designed for individuals looking for a personalized approach to naturally addressing their health concerns ranging from hormone imbalances, infertility, gut issues and much more.  With Functional Medicine we don’t treat the disease, rather with help to restore the body to optimal functional levels thus correcting any imbalances and deficiencies.


Chiropractic care is provided by Dr Greg Haitz who studied at the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic.  He uses gentle spinal adjusting techniques and caters the treatment to the patient’s preference.  We also have two amazing massage therapists, Jen Stomberg and Taelour Wagler LMT 



Our staff will help you put together a financial plan to help you get the results you want while staying within your budget.  We are excited to offer a Wellness Membership Plan that allows for Unlimited Chiropractic Care at a low Fixed Monthly Fee.   This plan is our most popular as there is no insurance required, no co-pays, and no deductibles.


We can also bill all car insurance carriers for auto accident injuries and work comp insurance for work related injuries.  If you have been in a car accident and have headaches, neck pain numbness etc call for a free auto injury consultation 243-1388.  Most Colorado residents have medical coverage on their auto policy that covers your injuries regardless of who is at fault.  By law in Colorado your auto insurance company can’t raise your rates because you used your medical coverage for your injuries.  If you are looking for the best chiropractor in Grand Junction and the most friendly staff, you are in the right place.  We pride ourselves on listening to your needs and providing the type of treatment you are expecting.
What patients have to say:


“Before coming to Dr. Haitz I was experiencing vertigo symptoms almost daily. 
After a couple of weeks of treatment,
I was no longer suffering dizziness & motion sickness. 
I also have been battling back pain for 2 years and although I was unsure about the effectiveness of the treatments at first,
I have recently noticed a major improvement. 
I am able to bake again without pain. I am now a believer!!!” – Cindy
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