Custom Orthotics

Sole Supports are the only custom orthotics available today based on a completely new paradigm (MASS position) that was developed to actually change foot posture and function during weight-bearing activities. The corrected (MASS) position of the foot is captured by a unique casting technique that utilizes a certain density of foam and a sequence of semi-weight-bearing impressions that emulate healthy stance-phase gait (gait-referenced casting). The lab positives made from this cast are never “cast-corrected” to arbitrarily lower arch height as is common in the industry. The resulting shell fits the shape of the foot like a glove and is machine calibrated to have the right properties of flex and rigidity based on the patient’s weight, foot flexibility and activity level. The goal is to significantly limit pronation, facilitate supination and yet flex just enough for comfort. This custom level of rigidity/flex makes us unique in the industry and uniquely effective at improving foot function.

sole supports custom orthotics